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One Way Hotel


70s glam rock Slade rock hard rock

There are two artists which use this name 1. A glam rock band from England 2. A rapper 1. Slade is a glam rock / hard rock group from Wolverhampton, England in the West Midlands they were formed in 1966 by Noddy Holder (Lead vocal & Rhythm Guitar), Dave Hill (Lead guitar), Jim Lea (Bass) and Don Powell (Drums). The group started out as the N'Betweens and were mainly a R&B act. They changed their name to Ambrose Slade and later shortened it to just Slade. In the late 60's they hooked up with manager Chas Chandler who proved to be the missing link, convincing the group to use the heavier rock style with clapping hands and stamping feet which they had success with live. This change of direction paid off, and from 1971 to 1975, the band scored a huge number of hit albums and singles. During the heights of their success, Slade out-performed chart rivals like Wizzard, Sweet, T.Rex, Suzi Quattro, Smokie, Gary Glitter and even David Bowie. In the UK, they achieved 12 top five hits from 1971 to 1974, six of which topped the charts. In total, Slade had 17 top 20 hits between 1971 and 1976 including six #1s, three #2s and two #3s.And the evergreen Merry Xmas Everybody has reached the charts eight times since topping the charts in 1973 until 2006. When Slade's success faded in the end of 1970s the band still were able to release credible records.They returned to the UK charts in the early 1980 and even managed to enter the charts in the United States, where the song Run Runaway hit #20 thanks to interest from the band Quiet Riot's cover of the Slade song Cum On Feel The Noize. The classic line-up of Slade split up in 1992 although Dave Hill and Don Powell carried on. 2. Slade less commonly refers to Grady Slade, Jr, a Rap artist Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

One Way Hotel
I sat on my case in the hall The window and ceiling looked tall How long does it take to make a number of changes when you let them The case of another man was open and the contents were lying on the floor I could tell by his face he's a man like myself that's for sure I was there for a fortnight or more The place is full up to the door My mind was deranged and my habits were changed since I let them I finished my job nine till four I thought that my boss knew the score It makes you feel sick when you think of the tricks they get up to The locks on the windows were made by yourself not to open (By yourself not to open) Come to think of it now that if I were a child they'd be broken I've now spend a year behind this door The doctors would see me no more They asked me to sign with a pen on the line I was done for

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